How to Animate a scene - After Effects & Illustrator Workflow Tutorial

After Effects & Illustrator Workflow Tutorial #1

Hey!! Welcome, to another after effects tutorial. Today we are going to animate a scene using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.
This video is bit a long, but as well as it's too easy, so let's get into it.
To do this kind of animation you have to first learn, How to design vector graphics and how to do animation. This requires the software of After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator Workflow : Firstly, you have to create vector art in every different layer, so that you can animate it in easy way.

Adobe After Effects : In Adobe After Effects, i just animate those vector art which was created in Illustrator. Like pop up kind a animation 

In this tutorial firstly i hide all layers expect any one layer, and saved as each file , so i can drag that into after effects and easily animate on those.

You can also download free vector art through this website .

⚡While clicking on download button make sure you use (Left-click on Mouse )

This website has awesome free as well as paid vector images, that you can use in your videos or personal use, just you have to give credit that author on your video or any where you using.

Also you can download this city which we used in this tutorial :)